Exam Review of Summer Semester 2021

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The exam review for the exams written in summer semester 2021 takes places on Wednesday, 20th October between 9.30am to 12am. Please register by mail at susanne.piehl@fau.de by 15th October noon the latest.

Please name the subject of the e-mail „Exam review [lecture] für [Surname, name]“ and provide us with the following information:
– Surname, name
– Student-ID number
– Name of Lecture
– Examination number (see Mein Campus)
– IDM-Number (see StudOn Account)

Without a proper registration and valid information the exam review is not feasible!

After registration, you will be provided with further details concerning the hygiene concepts, the room and more specific time schedule.

Thank you very much and best regards,
Your Chair for Corporate Sustainability Management