We focus our research on the following aspects of sustainability:

(1) We investigate the role of organizations in societal transformation processes. Not only the behaviour of conventional business is under research but also social business as well as governmental (for example ministries) and non-profit actors (welfare or social entrepreneurship organizations) that advance the transition towards a sustainable development through innovative contributions. We also share great interest in the political role of companies within the framework conditions of a modern society.

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(2) A second research focus investigates the implementation of sustainability management and corporate social responsibility in organizations. Central concepts in this context include eco-efficiency and corporate governance, whistle blowing. Furthermore, we investigate the particular challenges faced by different organization types. In this respect, sustainability management in large companies faces different challenges and requirements compared to small and medium-sized enterprises or the public sector.

In addition to our conceptional and qualitative empirical work, transdisciplinary projects play an increasingly important role in our research portfolio. For further information about current projects click here.

For further information about current and finished dissertations please follow this link.

An overview of the chair’s publications is available here.


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