Bachelor and Master theses


Are you interested in writing your bachelor’s or master’s thesis (or your project assignment) under our supervision? Please find all the important information below.

The last information session was held at Tuesday, 3rd December 2019.You can access the presentation slide deck here. There are no further information sessions planned. Instead, we have set up a forum for your questions under:

The application process for the summer Semester 2020 is closing on June, 24th 2020.

You choose your topic and research question by yourself. Thesis in the following research areas are encouraged::

  • Sustainability Management
  • Strategic sustainability and sustainability strategies
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Business Ethics
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Social role of a company
  • Sustainable and Social Entrepreneurship
  • Social, Eco- or Sustainability-oriented innovation
  • Management of non-profit organizations
  • Further sustainability related topics


In general, we do supervise conceptual as well as empirical bachelor’s and master’s theses.

A cooperation with a company or an organisation is possible. Please do keep in mind that all theses must answer a research question. Thereby it is important that you can show us that your thesis would be interesting not only for your supervisor.


You can submit your application regularly by Jan. 20th respectively Jun. 24th. for the following semester. Students in turn receive our (positive or negative) decision within two weeks and have another week to confirm their interest. In the week before the new semester begins, an initial meeting is held to discuss the thesis project.

Application documents

Please note that applications are now submitted through the following StudOn group: Use the „Bewerbungen für die Betreuung im Wintersemester 20XX“ to submit a recent transcript of records and a short exposé containing the following:

  • Topic description (50-100 words)
  • Proposition of a research question
  • Brief overview of the research approach (literature review, qualitative, quantitative…). Please describe what kind of empirical methods you are planning to use (interviews, surveys…).
  • Structure outline (not more than two levels)
  • Short explanation how your thesis addresses sustainability issues
  • Short explanation how your thesis addresses management issues
  • Planned submission date
  • Indication if the thesis planned in cooperation with an external partner
  • Information on which of our courses have been taken
  • Information on sustainability-related courses taken at other chairs or universities
  • Information on practical experience with sustainability

Assessment criteria

  • Students who have attended courses offered by our chair will be considered with preference. Having attended at least one of our courses is a prerequisite for acceptance.
  • Theses with a clear focus on sustainability issues will be preferred.
  • The problem addressed in the thesis should be a matter of management approach. We are unable to offer a supervision of theses with a strong natural science or technical focus.

Further Information: In the context of writing your thesis you are required to attend our weekly seminar on writing a thesis. The seminar usually takes place Wednesdays, 16.45 pm to 18.15 pm.

For the application period SoSe 2020 we are inviting students to write a bachelor’s or master’s thesis on the following two pre-defined topics: sustainability communication and strategic sustainability management


Sustainability Communication:

The pre-defined topic covers the research field of internal sustainability communication. The work will mainly based on literature-based research methods and could be independently supplemented with some empirical research methods.
The preliminary research question is: What intra-organizational challenges do sustainability teams have in communicating their activities? Which communication channels and strategies are available for which type of communication and how are these perceived at the employee level?
The research question can be supplemented or adapted.

If you are interested, please contact Mrs. Laura Heinl.


Motivation for sustainable action at the university

The predefined topic covers the research field of sustainability communication with reference to the action of the individual. Specifically, the department of management is looking for a solution to the plastic waste problem at WISO. The work can be supported by the departmental management with data and background information. The work is characterized by a high practical relevance and should bring about real improvements in the topic of sustainability at the university.

If you are interested, please contact Mrs. Laura Heinl.


Strategic Sustainability Management and Sustainability Strategies:

The pre-defined topic covers the research field of strategic sustainability management and sustainability strategies. The work will mainly based on literature-based research methods and could be independently supplemented with some empirical research methods.
The research question is to be determined.

If you are interested, please contact Jennifer Adolph.


We are looking forward to motivated applicants!


For further information about the application process and documents please contact Dr. Dimitar Zvezdov.

For further information about the content of the theses please contact Laura Therese Heinl or Jennifer Adolph (for bachelor theses) or Dr. Dimitar Zvezdov (for master theses).




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