Hygiene-rules for examinations

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Dear students,

In the following, I would like to inform you about the changes in procedures for examinations where attendance is required in person during the coronavirus pandemic. Please read this information carefully and ensure that you observe the instructions throughout all examinations.

(1) General routes of transmission and infection prevention information

Please read Information on the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 – in particular regarding transmission routes and contact tracing, general protective measures and correct handwashing procedure. All individuals are requested to wash their hands regularly and observe coughing and sneezing etiquette (into the elbow) to reduce the risk of infection. Further information is available in the Hygiene guidelines on the FAU website or on the Occupational Safety website.

(2) Participation in examinations

Infected individuals, in particular those with symptoms of respiratory illnesses or with non-specific general symptoms, may not take part in examinations. The same applies to individuals who had contact in the last 14 days with another individual diagnosed with COVID-19 (contact persons of category I and II).

If you have acute symptoms of respiratory illness (coughing, sneezing, sore throat) or fever, you will not be permittedto take the examination and you will need to take the examination on the next available date. You are legally responsible for checking that you are free of symptoms on the day of the examination. If you have symptoms, please notify the examination officer by e-mail (contact laura.therese.heinl@fau.de and jennifer.adolph@fau.de).

(3) At-risk groups

If you belong to an at-risk group (e.g. chronic respiratory diseases, diabetes, immunosuppression, immunostimulation, pregnancy), you must notify the examination officer by e-mail – preferably after consultation with your doctor and with a medical certificate – no later than 5 days before the examination. If possible, you will be assigned a separate room for the examination. If a separate room is not available for organisational reasons, you will need to take the examination on the next available date.

(4) Checking for symptoms before an examination

You must check that you are free of symptoms before the examination.

(5) Minimum distance / access to the examination room / waiting area

You must strictly observe a minimum distance of 1.5 m from other individuals at all times when entering and exiting the examination room. This also applies to the waiting area. You must form a line in the waiting area while maintaining a minimum distance of 1.5 m. You must follow the instructions given by the examination staff.

You must wear a face covering over your mouth and nose until you have reached your seat in the lecture hall where you are to sit the examination (droplet infection is the main transmission route).

There is only one entrance to the examination room (you must form a line and observe the minimum distance of 1.5 between all individuals). You must show your FAU card or ID card when entering the examination room. In lecture halls, please fill available from the front to the back of the room. Please go to the end of the row and then fill the available spaces in each row.

You must observe coughing and sneezing etiquette throughout the examination, as well as while waiting to enter. If you need to go to the toilet, please choose the shortest route. To allow somebody to leave the row, everyone seated in the row must stand up and leave the row while maintaining the minimum distance. Please use the nearest toilet.

If you have finished the examination early, please remain seated until the end of the examination. You must leave the lecture hall individually, through the same door as you entered, while maintaining the minimum distance at all times. Leave the lecture hall row by row, starting from the front row.

(6) Face covering

You must wear a face covering over your mouth and nose while waiting, when entering and exiting the examination room, and during the examination. If the face covering unreasonably impairs your performance, you may remove it during the examination. Examination results may not be disputed at a later date on the basis of impaired performance caused by face coverings.

(7) Seat allocation

Examination candidates must be registered by name and by seat in order to enable any follow-up enquiries or contact tracing. You must ensure that you follow the instructions of the examination staff on the specific seating procedure in place for the current examination. There will not be a fixed seating plan. You will be admitted into the room according to your place in the line and you must take the next available seat. After the examination, exit the room as instructed.

(8) Symptoms occurring during the examination

If acute respiratory symptoms occur during the examination (especially severe coughing), the person concerned can complete the examination in isolation to ensure orderly conduct of the examination procedure and to protect the health of the other candidates. Alternatively, the individual may terminate their examination due to illness if necessary. If symptoms occur, please notify the examination invigilator.

By participating in the examination, you acknowledge that you are aware of the above requirements and that you will comply with the rules and instructions given.

In case of questions please contact laura.therese.heinl@fau.de and jennifer.adolph@fau.de.

Thank you for your active participation and support in following the hygiene rules.

Yours Corporate Sustainability Team