Klemens Hering (MA)

Klemens Hering (M.A.) – Research Associate

Room:    FG.1.033
Telefon: 0911/5302-95613
E-Mail: klemens.hering@fau.de
Availability: E-Mails will be answered from Monday 9am to Wednesday 12pm
Klemens Hering is working at the Chair of Sustainability Management at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg since March 2022.
His research in the field of business and human rights focusses on local governance solutions in high-risk sectors. He is a teaching member of the joint Impact E³ project and organises seminars in the field of impact entrepreneurship. He also supervises courses with industry partners in collaboration with the Chair of Indistrial Management, theses on various issues in the field of business and human rights, as well as the Impact Entrepreneurship lecture series.

Academic Career

  • Since March 2022 research associate at the Chair of Corporate Sustainbility Management at FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg.
  • 10/2019 – 09/2021 Master of Arts (M.A.) in Philosophy, Economics and Law (EELP) with focus in Business and Human Rights at Ruhr-University Bochum.
  • 09/2015 – 11/2018 Bachelor of Arts in Nonprofit, Social and Health Management at the Management Centre Innsbruck, Austria.
  • 02/2017 – 06/2017 Semester abroad as part of the B.A. at the University of Liverpool, England.

Professional Career

  • 08/2020 – 12/2020 Intern in the Human Rights Department at the Permanent Mission of the Federal Republic of Germany to the United Nations and other International Organizations in Geneva, Switzerland.
  • 09/2017 – 07/2018 Intern in the Office of the Special Representative for External Affairs and Resources as part of a cooperation project between the six largest international child protection organizations at SOS Children’s Villages Internatioinal in Innsbruck, Austria (interrupted by the internship at the headquarters of the German Foreign Office, see below)
  • 11/2017 – 02/2018 Interned at the International Diplomacy Training Unit of the German Foreign Office Headquarters in Berlin. Collaboration at the Global Diplomacy Lab (project for a new and more inclusive diplomacy under the auspices of the then Foreign Minister).

Volunteer Services and Engagement

  • 03/2015 – Today Seminar Leader for (Federal) Volunteer Services at AFS – Interkulturelle Begegnungen e.V.
  • 10/2021 – Today Mentor for students of the Management Centre Innsbruck
  • 02/2019 – 08/2019 Voluntary military service with the mountain troops of the German Armed Forces
  • 06/2016 – 06/2018 Founding and board member of refugeeslearn e.V. in Innsbruck, Austria (unbureaucratic mediation of German courses for refugees)
  • 01/2016 – 06/2016 German teacher for refugees in Innsbruck.
  • 01/2014 – 01/2015 Development policy volunteer service in El Alto and La Paz, Bolivia