CODIFeY – Electro mobility

CODIFeY – Community-based service innovations for e-Mobility


The collaborative research project CODIFeY is based on the assumption that the technology itself does not prevent the spreading of electric mobility. The aim of the project is to provide scientifically qualified information and to inspire more users for electric mobility. In addition, innovative services related to e-mobility will be developed and implemented.

For this, CODIFeY establishes the interactive online community as a mobilization platform. Teaching materials and innovative services are developed for and with the community. In this way, the interested parties become actively involved in the innovation process and can contribute their own ideas and expectations. Thereby, the needs of people are fully taken into account which leads to increased market potential of the innovated solutions.

From the perspective of sustainability, the societies’ mobilization towards e-mobility is accompanied by a variety of challenges and opportunities. For this reason, we are in particular working on the following questions in the project:

  • What are the most important sustainability aspects of electric mobility?
  • What are particularly relevant innovation fields?
  • Which requirements do service innovations for e-mobility have to fulfill in order to be considered as sustainable?
  • Which criteria are relevant for sustainability label in the field of electric mobility?



CODIFeY is a collaborative project funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). Our chair works together with other research and practice partners on this project.

Persons involved:

Further organizations involved (in parts):

  • FAU Chair of Information Systems I
  • TU Chemnitz Chair of Business Information Systems I
  • ENERGIEregion Nürnberg e.V.