Sustainable Supply Chain Management


The research project “Sustainable Supply Chain Management – Corporate strategies and capabilities” investigates the integration of sustainability in supply management strategies and processes.

In the first part of the project the study investigates which management practices were implemented in order to implement sustainability issues in companies. The project also investigated if the composition and the choice of measures in different strategic approaches vary and how contextual factors, like region or line of work, influence them.

A second part focuses on the development of resources and capabilities required by companies to implement sustainability measures and strategies. The intention is to clarify what supply chain management, as a cross-fuctional/company approach, is able to accomplish and how it changes through sustainability.

On the other hand the project investigates, based on the automotive industry, how companies develop entrepreneurial skills and resources to integrate sustainability along the value chain. The main focus lies on the interactions and relations between various parties and how companies react to sustainability requirements in a dynamic environment.


Akhavan, R. & Beckmann, M. (2016): A Configuration of Sustainable Sourcing and Supply Management Strategies Article reference, in: Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management, Doi: 10.1016/j.pursup.2016.07.006 (im Erscheinen)

Akhavan, R., & Beckmann, M. (2015). Corporate Management Practices to Integerate Sustainability into Sourcing: A Taxonomy of Firms. Academy of Management Proceedings.

Involved persons:

Roya Akhavan

Prof. Dr. Markus Beckmann

Dr. Dimitar Zvezdov