Scaling Social Innovation


This research project is conducted in cooperation with researchers from the Leuphana University in Lunenburg. The research project focuses on the question of how social entrepreneurs can scale their social innovations to other contexts and multiply their social impact. Furthermore, the project investigates how social entrepreneurs deal with the rising tensions resulting from intermingling social and market-oriented internal logics.

The research project also scrutinizes how the perspective on organizational success varies between social entrepreneurs and profit-oriented companies. Last but not least, the opportunities and limitations of social franchising strategies are investigated, taking into account the particularities of the social sector to scale new problem-solving approaches.


  • Beckmann, Markus und Steven Ney: Wenn gute Lösungsansätze keine Selbstläufer werden:Vernetzung als Skalierungsstrategie in fragmentierten Entscheidungslandschaften am Beispiel des Social Labs in Köln
  • Beckmann, Markus und Anica Zeyen (2014): Franchising as a Strategy for Combining Small and Large Group Advantages (Logics) in Social Entrepreneurship: A Hayekian Perspective, in: Nonprofit & Voluntary Sector Quarterly Vol 43(3), S. 502-522

Involved researchers: